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Grand Prix MTB Lubuskiego # 1 Drzonków 08.05.2011- english

This year I started season  later than last year, so I was not sure where I stand, what my form is. But I have to write that the start really satisfied me.Although the route in Drzonków did not belong to my favorites, becouse it was extremely flat profile, without any technic sections, but I did my best in 100%.
One year ago,  the last edition of Grand Prix MTB Lubuskie 2010 was 16 km shorter ( 2rounds ). I did not know what to think about it. At 11:00 I decided to as much as possible to go in to the front. It is true that some players leave me but I tried to lay low and do not really go at its own pace. Caught up with "Road men" and a rival of the M3, but unfortunately one of my "competitors" of the M3 had an accident ... In the beginning was tight in the middle of the first loop, just rode in 4-person group, reacted to the flatter sections of the jerks of road man .

On one of the loop we got two players and we were already six. On the fourth lap we started to approach Speedek and  catch him before the end of 4th round. After four rounds, I checed the race ime, and I was pleasantly surprised, because it was about 3 minutes shorter than last year's race. So watching the situation and assessing its capabilities for today stated that as far as possible try to tweak the tempo on singles sections, which were slightly uphill, but not after a level surface, which means that it lost the rhythm, and I like these kinds of track. So I pushed hard the and controlled the situation much, and all this started on lap five. My treatments were demonstrated in the kidnapping of the train. On the flat stretch of gravel resting to the "wrinkles" tighten again. And all this to ruin rivals M3. On the sixth lap I came out completely  on the first position to tighten the pace, the most possible, since an attack on one of the minimum ramps did not make sense. And I must admit that the plan to succeed. M3 rival, Marian jumped to the front on one of the short paved driveway, which was preceded by a gravel section ... but was immediately catched by boys from DREAM team and at that point also jumped after them. Focused only on this, to prove the current position to the finish. But at the finish line it appeared that one player from  DREAM team was with my category. However, 3 pos. in the M3 is very much open to me satisfactory. It is good when the race can be considered successful, well-being is paramount and self-starting, all at a later time to mobilize more action.Total classified for a distance of 48 km, 70 competitors.

Sorry about my english) A specially for Pal from Indonesia...

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