wtorek, 4 października 2011

Last action hero- Singletrek pod Smrkiem

Always in my head are places where I want to comeback! One of those is Singletrek pod Smrkiem. All September's weekends were warm, and first weekend of October promised to be very hot, and the weather was awesome. At 9 o'clock we have strated with my family ofcourse and two friends: Tedzik and Spider.

To the Czech where the Singletrek is from Żary is only 110km. After less than 2 h of ride we were at the place. Parking was full. When we where first time on April there was only one car. Today was beautiful weather, and nobody want to miss that.
Fast clothes off, and we have took our bikes on the track. But before the start, one man showed us on the map new tracks: red and black one.

I kissed my wife and son Igor and go for a ride...We want to ride just for fun, but on the climbs Spider pushed very hard in first section. When we arrived to the asphalt after first section, we turned left on the second part of the track.  That was a red trail.That was new way for us becosue when we were on May there wasn't this part of the course.Than the red trail changed in black one. This way was steeper, and the were few steep descents. The black trail was in Poland...that suprised me and my friends. After few climbs and one fast section we were again at red trail on the asphalt.
The map of the trail system
At this point we have met one girl  nick- Renn.Schnecke which was in Steinitz in Germany two weeks ago! We have talked for a while and than attacked the asphalt knee breaker climb! On the climbs I did my best. Spider was a little bit dazed. I told him that the best sections are ahead of us. When the clib has finised we have gone down on the full speed. Right on this part of the course You can forgot all Your worries and problems. You must only check the right line of your bike and enjoy the feeling of flow at full speed and discover the pure joy of mountain biking.
We have rode the track very fast. The thirt part of the track was relatively flat, but was the fastest. When we arrived to the parking Tedzik got puncture. He must to changed the tire. Then we talked for a while with my family and than we rode again. But this time we did the track without the new trails. The ride was hard. On the climbs the tempo don't decreased. In the last part of the course I have got puncture. I changed the innertube and finished the track. Than we have done some pictures as You see.

In one word: If You love the bike, love the adrenaline, love climbs, love fast technical section You must arrive to Nove Mesto and fill that trail: Singletrek pod Smrkem!!! That was the last hard training this season. For me the season 2011 is OFF!


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